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Simien Mountains 8 day trek

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Simien Mountains 8 day trek

per person
  1. What is included in the package price?
  • 4WD transportation to and from Gonder
  • Guide
  • Scout
  • Cook and cooking materials
  • Mule and mule handlers
  • Tents
  • Mattresses
  • All parking entrance fee
  • Food and bottled water
  1. What is excluded in the package prices?
  • Excluding: alcoholic drinks, tips and sleeping bag

3.Where our driver will pick you up?

Our driver will pick you either from your hotel in Gondar or directly from Gondar airport.

  1. When the Simien Mountains National Park office close?

The office is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The travelers should arrive before 5:30pm at Debark town to pay the entrance fees and to take their local guide and scout.

  1. How you get to the simien mountains?

For 1-4 travellers we use landcruiser but for for 5-10 travellers we use minibuses.

Day 01 - Gondar to Sankaber:
You will depart early morning from Gondar to Debark. In debark you will arrange your visit with the park office and receive a scout and guide then drive into the park to arrive at Sankaber. You can either drive all the way in to Sankaber or have the car drop you off near Buyit Ras for a short hike. If you choose to hike in you will take in beautiful views of the landscape and the endless mountain ridges, and you likely see some gelada baboons. When you arrive in Sankaber you will be met with your supplies. Sankaber will be the first campsite on your trip.
Day 02 - Sankaber to Geech Camp:
From Sankaber you will begin hiking following the ridge and look out over the foothills 800m down. From the ridge you will descend down into the valley and be able to view the Jinbar River plunging into the Geech Abyss. After some time at the waterfall you will continue on to Geech village where you will find your second campsite.
Day 03 Geech to Imet Gogo to Siha Gorge to Keda Dit to Geech:
After breakfast at geech campsite you will hike through the grass plateau that are home to the, appropriately titled, Giant Lobelia plants. After about 2 hours you will reach Imet Gogo which is an amazing 360 degree view of the Simien Mountains. Here you will have reached an altitude of 3,926m and be able to look out at the amazing landscape from 360 degrees. At this height and view point you can see the canyon below, distant ridges, and view the seemingly never ending valleys. From here you will return to Geech, but first you will pass through Siha Gorge for a lunch break. When you arrive back at Geech you will have time to relax from the hike. Before nightfall you will have the option of taking a short sunset hike to Keda Dit. You will spend the night back at Geech.
Day 04 Geech to Innatye to Chennek:
After breakfast at Geech you start your 7 hour hike to one of the most spectacular passing in the mountains. From the campsite you will walk SE towards Innatye where you will descend into a forest of Giant Hazel and through the ridgelines open grasslands. After climbing up to Innatye to view the vertical drop you will see why locals named it to mean mama mia. Here you will have lunch and continue on towards Chennek where you will be able to view the wildlife like, Walia Ibex and Gelada baboons, and plant life. Chennek will be your campsite for the night.
Day 05- Chennek to Sona (2600m).
In order to get throughthe escarpment and into the lowlands, you will have to hike to the highest point of the trek the Bawhit Pass (4200m). Thepass is an hours hike up above Chenek camp towards BawhitMt. This is one of your best chances on the entire trek to seethe elusive Ethiopian Wolf. More common in this area arelarge groups of Walia Ibex and Gelada baboons feedingtogether. The largest male Ibex will likely be perched on arocky outlook, watching over both the Walia and Geladas.Once through the pass, the trail winds down towards thevillage of Arkwaisye. Here you Will take a much needed restwhile the locals prepare a traditional coffee ceremony whichinvolves roasting and grinding the beans. It is Ethiopiancustom to have three rounds of coffee and by the end youwill be re-energized and ready to finish the trek to Sonacamp.
Day 06- Sona to Mekareba:
From Sona you will reach avalley called Incya Vally and descend into the lowlands. Afterlunch at the Incya River you will have time for a swim beforeheading out for another hike along the banks of the river toMekarbe campsite where you will stay for the night.
Day 07- Markerba to Mulet:
The walk from Markerba toMulet brings you along the riverbed of the Incya River andprovides amazing opportunities to see numerous birds. Pin-tailed waders, village indigo paradise monarchs and tropicalbobu can all be spotted here. Lunch break will be atDerkwenth pool where you can have another chance to takea swim before climbing to the Awazza village. Here you canfind the spectacular Awazza Table Mountain and then hike tothe last campsite at Mulet.
Day 08- Mulet to Gondar:
At Mulet campsite you will havebreakfast and take a 3 hour walk to Adi Arkaye where avehicle will meet you to bring you back to Gondar.

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